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Cross media monitoring and how it works


You can choose from a wide rage of options: from a simple search query or a curated media review to analysis modules and summaries. We are happy to help you choose the right solution.


The right kind of media monitoring for your needs and your budget: try automated monitoring and stay informed in real-time about the news, trends or critical events with instant notifications, bundled notifications at a chosen time or only during a surge in media coverage. As a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the experience of our News Managers, curated media reviews offer the highest quality.


Additional analysis modules improve the classification of relevant articles: the sentiment analysis will reveal the tonality of the reports. Figures such as Advertising Value Equivalency, the Interaction Rate and Share of Voice will allow you to measure the success of your PR work. Abstracts and summaries will give you an even quicker overview of the current headlines and save you some valuable time.

“pressrelations has been offering reliable media analysis services to Generali in Germany for years. Starting with the morning summary of the current headlines and a continuous evaluation of media, and ending with a qualitative analysis report, pressrelations delivers a comprehensive overview of our own topics as well as the industry as a whole.”



All media data in a single user-friendly and responsive portal—meet NewsRadar®. You can use it to get a cross-channel overview of your search results or as a stand-alone tool for your daily PR and communication work. Whenever you want to perform a custom search with the SearchPool, set up your own filters, customize the dashboard, or create a specific alert for online media, social media or radio and TV—NewsRadar® will adapt to your needs. You will have a clear overview of all media data, will be able to send it as an email, PDF or HTML easily as well as export it to various formats.

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Media Set

You will have access to over 58,000 print media including daily press, popular press, scientific journals and specialist publications—national, international, flexible and highly customizable. We will find the right media set for you, customize it to fit your specific area of interest or geographical focus and will take care of licensing and copyright for you.

Our state-of-the-art crawlers go through some 76,000 national and international online media in over 150 countries round the clock and deliver the results for your custom-tailored media set. The combination of the latest technology and quality assurance by our News Managers provides you with only relevant results that appear in NewsRadar® almost in real-time.

Social media monitoring helps you to spot the latest trends and topics even faster. We offer the monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums and LinkedIn.

Radio and TV monitoring covers some 4,200 international radio and TV channels, including many regional formats. Get your relevant search results as 10-second clips with key media figures such as the date of the broadcast, the program and the topic, and decide whether you would like to purchase the clip of the entire program.

Apart from the conventional search in articles based on certain keywords or topics you can also integrate a targeted image search into your media monitoring. This will help you, for example, to keep an eye on how often your logo or certain opinion leaders appear in the print media.

Find out what the media, influencers, journalists and the public really think about your company and your products, be it on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, forums or magazines. Keep track of your own corporate channels and the reactions of your followers at all times.

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