Discover all the important insights for your pitch concept.

Market analysis at the beginning of your pitch preparation: Quickly gain an overview of news and articles on the potential new customer and the relevant topics. Use all the possibilities of systematic research for this.

Best research results in shortest time

Receive the relevant news of the last 24 months from online and social media sources within just 24 hours – including a quantitative media response analysis. If you wish, we can extend the media set for print sources.

Put relevant topics to the test:

How successful was which topic?
The comparison of topics over time
shows which topics received particular
attention and when.

Examine the response:

Where is the topic talked about?
And above all, how?

Find out which topics, in which media,
were disseminated most frequently and
what emotions were associated with them.

Dive deeper:

Find out which posts have made big waves.
Filter by key criteria such as influencers,
media type, language, country and time period
to get valuable insights.

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Win pitches and impress your customers.

Use the insights for a perfect pitch concept:
Convince with important core information,
inspired ideas and surprising insights.

01 – Do It Yourself
Search independently in the SearchPool
and use the dashboard flexibly for
your search requests.
• Monthly net: 350,00 Euro
• Minimum term: 1 year

02 – On Demand
Let us set up the search orders and
start analyzing the results right away.
Use the export functions in PPT, PNG,
Excel, HTML or PDF format.
• Per pitch analysis: 890,00 Euro
• No contractual term

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