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Who we are

We have been in the business for over 20 years and have never stopped working on ourselves and for our clients, starting out as an online press service and evolving into an international provider of services in cross-media monitoring and media analysis. We will face the digital challenges together and develop a custom solution to fit your needs.

Our Team

From a three-man team in a one-room office to over 250 employees at 12 locations. Our broad portfolio of services calls for a broad spectrum of expertise – from media analysis to sales and marketing. And it is creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm that all our employees have in common.

12 locations 

We are local—with international representations

You can always reach out to us at our international offices in Austin (Texas), Berlin, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Shanghai, Singapore, Sofia, Stans, Vienna and Zurich, and we will be happy to assist you with our global market expertise. Take advantage of our extensive international media set and network.

1.000 clients

Professional, exact and reliable—this is how our clients describe us. Why? Because, with our portfolio and our counsel, we focus on your exact industry sector, your needs and your budget, so that we can offer you an optimal media set, product and service. This is what we stand for as your provider of media monitoring solutions.

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Extensive collection of sources

From advertising papers to radio shows – as an international media observer we profit from our self-built technology and large partner network to make all your wishes possible. We have access to numerous national and international print media and offer a qualified online media set of over 250,000 editorial sources. Both in almost real-time. We also cover more than 4,000 radio and TV programmes. On top of that, we monitor contributions on 12 social networks, ranging from Facebook and Twitter to TikTok or Telegram.

Full Service with Brain & Bytes

We have remained true to our principle to this day: We work with as much technical automation as possible and combine it with human brainpower to make your project a success.

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Team work

Although we develop our own technology, our focus always remains on people. We listen to our clients, advise them and pay attention to their needs at all times. pressrelations stands for technical expertise as well as for service orientation and team spirit.

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Speaking of team work, our work often requires a quick response and a good deal of efficiency. Both would be inconceivable without our agile way of working, which we have been practicing for many years. We build on our teams and their reliable, independent work, for which they take responsibility themselves. For faster and better results!

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What else we have planned

We always keep an eye on the developments in our industry: Communication, PR and marketing are increasingly interlinked and viewed multidimensionally. Analyses are also becoming increasingly complex and interdisciplinary. That is why we work every day to develop products and services that help you make the most of these developments. Our NewsRadar® already offers you the opportunity to observe and analyze all channels, not only in the Earned but also in the Owned Media segment. In addition to classic PR evaluations and communication measurements, content planning and management is another field in which we bundle our expertise.

Future topics
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Plan and manage your content more effectively. Be the first to identify future trends.
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Keep track of Earned and Owned Media and bundle them into a single platform.
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Monitor and evaluate all relevant data in our cross-media monitoring and analysis portal.