NewsRadar® Collects and Combines
All Relevant Data in a Single Portal

All cross-media data only a click away

NewsRadar® collects all data for your communications management in a single tool. With only a few clicks you can compile and analyze your search results from Earned and Owned Media across all channels with essential key figures such as reach, interaction rate and hashtags.

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Cross-media overview
Find hot topics, pinpoint your most popular posts, discover related influencers
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Profile Monitoring
Focus on Owned Media
Gain control of your social media channels, find out how your brand resonates with your target group, measure the impact of your social media campaign.
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Retrospective search
Search for topics and influencers on demand, use our alerting system to stay up-to-date

NewsRadar® Features

Customizable, User-Friendly Dashboard

Enjoy a large number of customization options of your NewsRadar® Dashboard and the intuitive user interface of your Analysis Portal. Make use of the numerous filters and search options. Access your existing media reviews, media data and analysis filters quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can integrate data from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, and interlink it with your monitoring and analysis results. This will boost your planning ability for your communication strategy and topics. In the final step, export all data for your reports with a single click.


Always stay up-to-date on your topics and keywords. In SearchPool you can set up alerts for every search and decide when and how often you would like to be notified—at a fixed time of day, right after the news have been fetched or only during spikes in news coverage. Choose between news ticker alerting or crisis alerting.

Organize your search results in individual folders as needed. You can create topic pinboards and pin your articles automatically or manually. 

Use personalized search to browse through our online media database, to research relevant topics for your company or to keep an eye on your competition. You can save your searches and come back to them any time.

Use the visualized data in your daily communication work by sharing, exporting and incorporating it into your reports. With a few clicks you can share charts, general data and selected key figures via email, export them as an Excel or a PNG file or display them directly in the tool.

Get access to our extensive media set of German and international sources from over 150 countries in print, online, TV, radio and social media, which is constantly being updated and expanded. Thanks to our global partner network we are able to offer you a worldwide coverage of all media types.

Manage all channels in a single monitoring and analysis portal: track your brand, products, stakeholders, influencers and topics across all channels—online and offline, in Earned and Owned Media.

Connect the data from the top Earned and Owned Media with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to get a comprehensive overview of your operative work and topic planning.

Our subscription plans provide each of your employees with an opportunity to create their personalized media review, so that they only get the information they actually need for their daily work. Pick relevant topics from the company media review and check your email for a personalized media review. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the daily top news and never miss vital information from your industry.

Receive fast and accurate translations in real time directly inside the NewsRadar®. You can easily display and export all your news articles in a total of eight languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

“It was important to us to find a tool that, on the one hand, would inform our product managers about the media coverage of very specific, technical topics, and, on the other hand, would help us to collect and prepare industry news quickly and easily in order to deliver them to our members. NewsRadar®, customized for our individual requirements, is the tool we’ve been looking for.”

The power of NewsRadar®

Wield the power of information to improve your communication work: all information and all channels at your finger tips, simple and on-demand research, data analysis and presentation—experience first-hand the advantages of our cross-media monitoring and analysis portal. We are happy to assist you in finding the right solution to fit your needs.

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