Content Creation and Distribution

ContentDesk is a powerful PR and communication management tool within NewsRadar® that helps you create high-quality content, select targeted contacts, and optimize the distribution and publishing of content across multiple channels. Test the upcoming module in advance and save time optimizing your future communication.

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Screenshot: Content Creation and Distribution with ContentDesk in NewsRadar®

Key Benefits

Vereinfachen Sie den Prozess der Erstellung und Veröffentlichung von Inhalten und sparen Sie so wertvolle Zeit. Unterstützt von Künstlicher Intelligenz.
Wählen Sie gezielt Kontakte aus und erstellen Sie eigene Verteilerlisten, um Ihre Inhalte an die richtige Zielgruppe zu bringen.
Analysieren Sie den Erfolg Ihrer Kommunikation direkt in einem Tool mit Zugang zum größten internationalen Online-Panel auf dem Markt.

Content Creation

Use our intuitive tools and templates to create targeted press releases, compelling newsletters, and engaging social media posts. Write high quality content that excites your target audience and enhance it with integrated AI.

Effortless Content Creation through AI

Shorten, lengthen, spellcheck, translate, or enhance your texts, generate dynamic images or boost your engagement through relevant hashtags.

Screenshot: Content Creation for Mail with AI
Screenshot: Journalist Search in NewsRadar®

Contact Management

Integrate your contact lists und select relevant contacts to target your content.

Find Contacts with the Journalist Database

Access an extensive database of over 250,000 US media contacts and influencers to reach the right audience: Filter by relevant criteria such as topics, reach, and demographics to reach the right audience


Effortlessly send your content via email or publish it directly to your social media channels. With ContentDesk, you have full control over the timing and channels on which your content appears.

Screenshot: Schedule and Publish with ContentDesk
Screenshot: Evaluation of your outreach


Get detailed analytics and integrated reporting in real-time of your outreach to measure the performance of your content and optimize your strategy. Thanks to the seamless connection to SearchPool, you can monitor the success of your campaigns not only in owned media, but also in earned media. All in the same tool.

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