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Licence and copyright law

You can also rely on us for all questions concerning licenses and copyright.

As your partner for media monitoring and press reviews, we consider it our task to answer your questions about licensing law and licensing costs. You can concentrate on your day-to-day business while we take care of license management. We work closely together with the licensing companies, take care of the necessary formalities and ensure that you receive a license-secure, executive press review at the end - without having to familiarize yourself with the details of the ancillary copyright.


We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of German media reviews and German licensing law for you here.

The distribution of print articles in a press review is regulated by the Copyright Act (§ 49).

According to this law, the digital storage of newspaper articles is generally not permitted or in principle not permitted without the permission of the authors. Only seven photocopies of an article are legally permissible. Those who need more copies can legalise their actions via the VG Wort. However, electronic storage remains a taboo with this approach.

However, many companies copy copyrighted documents for their internal media review without considering the legal consequences. A digital press review is often the less expensive and legally secure alternative.

Articles from online media are only subject to licensing if they are reproduced in full text in the media review. Since we make the articles available to our customers as text excerpts and links to the original source (deep link), there are no license fees for online media monitoring.

If you wish, we can of course also publish your relevant articles in full text. According to § 49 UrhRG these articles are then subject to licensing and are subject to the same conditions as digitized print articles.

Digital press reviews can be subdivided according to the underlying licensing. A distinction is made between licensing according to VG Wort and Presse-Monitor-Gesellschaft (PMG).

According to § 49 Copyright Act, a digital VG Wort-Pressespiegel is a press review that is created and/or distributed digitally and that exclusively contains articles from newspapers and other information sheets that only serve the interests of the day. Therefore, articles from scientific magazines or professional journals may not be included in this press review category.

A digital PMG press review, on the other hand, is a press review in which the articles contained are licensed through PMG. On the one hand, PMG sells licenses for the electronic use of independently digitized articles and, on the other hand, also makes articles available in digital form. Digital press reviews created according to this variant are equipped with extensive storage, distribution and archiving rights compared to VG-Wort press reviews.

The amount of the licence fee for an article is determined directly by the publishers whose interests are represented by the Presse-Monitor-Gesellschaft (PMG). In general, it can be said that the amount of royalties depends primarily on the number of press review users.

We will be happy to discuss with you in person how high the fees for your individual press review will probably be. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

If you would like to receive your media review including press photos and pictures, you have the opportunity to acquire the rights for these graphics as well. The conditions of the image rights are also based on the number of recipients/readers. We will be happy to advise you!

This means that if you wish, we can integrate the relevant press photos, charts and tables in addition to the relevant articles, provided they are digitally available.

Also media contributions, which do not originate from Germany, are subject to copyright. Depending on the country of origin, however, the license regulations and license costs vary considerably. Therefore we advise each customer individually which regulations have to be observed in their individual case.

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