Our AI strategy

The rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to fundamental changes in many industries in recent years. The use of AI is not a new topic for us as media intelligence pioneers, but has been an integral part of our work for years regarding keywords such as automation of PR, Big Data and CommTech. pressrelations has been working with automated processes (e.g. information extraction, text classification) for over a decade. These include (Named) Entity Recognition, Topic Classification, Topic Modeling and Sentiment Detection.

Progress in the field of generative AI is accelerating the digital transformation immensely. Potential has been significantly increased since it has not only been possible to perform classification tasks based on large volumes of data, but also to generate new content. PR, communication and marketing in particular are being revolutionized by the introduction and application of custom Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). This technology makes it possible to develop AI solutions for specific needs.

At pressrelations, we harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence and use generative AI technologies in a targeted manner to increase the efficiency of our production systems and offer tailored media intelligence solutions to our customers. Our AI strategy focuses on constantly evaluating and utilizing the latest developments in the field of generative AI for our applications. In this way, we generate greater efficiency in all phases of the communication cycle - the planning, production, publication and evaluation of communication content.

Where is AI used at pressrelations?

Integration of generative AI into our systems

Generative AI is integrated into our production processes following a thorough internal testing process - always including legal assessment and advice.

When selecting AI technologies that are relevant for our systems, we pay attention to system-inherent options for guaranteeing data security, high-performance functionality and applicable risk assessment procedures.

Before AI technologies are implemented, they undergo various test cycles in product development and in the user area.

Our development team focuses on analyzing and evaluating technical stability, while the quality of the results is assessed by our analysts.

We also examine and utilize all possible ways of integration, such as interfaces in our systems. These approaches ensure that only the most reliable AI features find their way into our applications and thus to the customers and users of our systems. This approach allows us to constantly improve the quality and relevance of our services while ensuring the integrity and reliability of our data.

Providing real-time data for PR and marketing

Our clients, PR and marketing professionals, require reliable, real-time data to make informed decisions and develop strategies. By using advanced algorithms for Topic Modeling and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), we can efficiently process complex data sets to provide our clients with meaningful and actionable information. Translations are possible on the fly via integration of the translation tool DeepL.

Augmented workflows and trends in media intelligence

The future of digital communication lies in intelligent automation and augmented workflows to support the entire process from planning to evaluation of communication. In the core areas of Plan, Produce, Publish and Prove, our AI technology enables seamless integration from AI-supported content creation (text creation and text modification for e.g. postings, abstracts, press releases and newsletter content) to automated data analysis in the preliminary stage of creating reports.

Our responsibility

pressrelations as a company, including all employees, takes its responsibility for the adequate use of artificial intelligence very seriously. Our internal guidelines are based on the guidelines of the DSGVO and the legal basis in the run-up to the adoption of the EU AI Act, which will come into force in 2024.

We are aware of the risks associated with the use of AI systems. As part of our industry-related committee work, we actively participate in debates to discuss risk and impact assessments.

Another important aspect for us is the equal use of AI and its availability for everyone. After initial training, we offer all employees the opportunity to use and evaluate AI systems and integrate them into work processes.

Our commitment to the high quality of our work, to security aspects when handling data of different risk classes and, last but not least, to our work ethic, remain at the forefront of everything we do.

Transparency and consulting services

The integration of AI technologies offers great opportunities, but also entails many trade-offs. Impact assessment is therefore a constant companion in the development of our products.

It is important to us that we provide transparent information about the technologies we use. This allows our customers to gain an insight into the development of our working methods - in particular the integration of AI features.

We also provide webinars, blog posts and specific consulting services for information purposes only, but also for prospective product applications.

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