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Monthly and campaign-specific reports, PR evaluation, proactive trend analysis, planning of your corporate communication—a broad portfolio of highly customizable analysis reports presents you with a plethora of ways to discover tomorrow's topics and trends as well as to optimize your PR and Marketing strategy.

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Perfect fit across all media: together we will find the analysis report that you actually need. Online, print, social media, radio and TV—we will scrutinize every media channel for you.



In-depth media analysis helps you to draw the right conclusions from the data and to make farsighted decisions for your corporate communication.

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Analysis With Added Value
Benchmark Analysis
Compare yourself to competition
Input-Output Analysis
Visualize your PR success
Reputation Analysis
Evaluate your reputation
Social Media Audit
Develop social media strategy
Influencer Scorecards
Learn more about relevant influencers
Interaction Rate Report
Discover your target groups

Event analyses will tell you how your product launch, charity event or trade fair presence has been received by the media and your target groups. In this way you can react promptly to the immediate reporting.

With stakeholder analysis, you no longer lose sight of your most important opinion leaders. Find out which relevant stakeholders shape your core issues and how present they are in the media. Who are the opinion leaders, how do they position themselves on topics relevant to you and on which media channels are they present? Thanks to the analysis, you can specifically involve your stakeholders in your communication work and optimize the positioning to your core topics.

“For an internationally active business consulting company like ours, effective communication management is essential. Together with pressrelations we have developed an innovative, cross-media analysis based on our specific requirements. It combines the data from traditional media resonance analysis with the results from the web and social media analytics and provides us with important insights for our communication work.”

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