Identify Key Influencers

Our Influencer Scoreboard will help you to fine-tune your influencer marketing strategy. In order to initiate and maintain a dialog with an influencer, you first need to know is actively discussing your topic of interest and how they are positioned on the social web.

Preview: Influencer Scorecard | pressrelations

We spot the opinion leaders on the social web who are relevant to your campaign, and visualize the key quantitative and qualitative figures in a compact overview. Additionally, we evaluate the quality of the content and the USP of any given blog or channel.

On top of that, the Social Impact Score, developed by pressrelations, provides you with a cross-channel comparison and helps with the prioritization of influencers. With the focus of your strategic campaign and your special requirements in mind, we design a custom scorecard for you and provide you with insights to be used as a compass in your influencer marketing activities.

Influencer Scorecards Contain the Following Key Figures:

  • Reach
  • Traffic value
  • SEO Visibility (Desktop vs. Mobile)
  • Link and domain popularity
  • Page strength
  • Posting frequency
  • Interactions
  • Visual quality and quality of content
  • Social Impact Score

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