React Faster in a Crisis
with Real-Time Alerting

Efficient and successful crisis monitoring

What do you do when your company is showered with negative attention? Equipped with efficient Alerting you are prepared for any emergency. Regular news updates help you to spot a budding crisis at an early stage and to react instantly. Additionally, we will advise you on what to consider in case of a crisis.


In order to react quickly in a crisis, a few things need to be clarified first. A media set needs to be clearly defined as well as your person of contact for the crisis monitoring. Who is the person in charge of communication and who will receive the media review and in which format? Which alerts would you like to receive, how often and for which media?


  • Who are persons of contact for media monitoring and media review in a crisis event?
  • Who will receive the media review and when?
  • Which media channels should be monitored in a crisis?
  • Would you like to extend you media set temporarily, e.g. by adding social media channels, in order to detect critical topics in the digital echo chamber at an early stage?  
  • Which media review format (special media review, evaluation report to your smartphone) do you require?


  • Which format do you prefer for your media coverage report?
  • Would you like us to assist you with data visualization, management summaries or translations?
  • How frequently would you like to be informed about the development of the media coverage?
  • Would you like to receive an afternoon update or a special media review on a weekend?
  • Do you require additional information while the crisis is still unfolding, e.g. an analysis of tonality, background information on the authors or on the trends of the relevant issues?


  • Do you know what caused the crisis? What kind of a crisis event (e.g. caused by a mistake, by critical media coverage, etc.) is it?
  • Can you use the current crisis to work out preemptive measures for the future?
  • Do you know a relevant influencer or an opinion leader who were active during the crisis?
  • Which media publications were most critical? We recommend a comprehensive debriefing for you to be prepared for such events in the future.
  • Are there any adjustments you would like to make to your current monitoring, or, perhaps, your entire communication strategy?

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