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Why is international media monitoring so crucial? Companies, NGOs and governmental organisations need to stay ahead of the media discussion on their issues and keep track of what is happening. Identifying opportunities and risks early on can not only influence corporate success, but also protect brand reputation. Use our international media monitoring to adapt your PR strategies, develop effective communication campaigns and stay informed about industry-relevant topics.

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Comprehensive monitoring of digital and classic media

If you operate globally, you also need global communication controlling. In order to provide you with optimal support, we offer our monitoring and analysis services across all media channels, even beyond national borders. We record relevant contributions from all digitally available sources using our in-house technologies. For the broad range of print media as well as radio and TV stations, we also work with recognised media observers from over 100 countries. This enables us to put together a customised, country-specific media panel for you.

Illustration: Weltkarte | pressrelations

Individual options for target countries and media sets

Depending on whether you primarily want to monitor specific core markets or keep an eye on a selection of titles from an international leading media set, we offer you customised solutions:

  • In the first case, we ensure that the entire media landscape in the target countries is covered as comprehensively as possible.
  • In the second case, we offer you a cost-effective cross-national media set that provides a worldwide selection of 2,500 relevant leading media as well as around 5,000 magazines and journals on a daily basis, from the Guardian to El Pais to the New Zealand Herald.
"As an internationally positioned management consultancy, effective communication controlling plays a central role for us. Together with pressrelations, we have developed an innovative and cross-media analysis for our specific requirements. This combines data from classic media response analysis with results from web and social media analytics, thus providing important insights for our communications."

Alexander Bock, Manager Communications, BearingPoint

Efficient language adaptation and seamless translation

Of course, we ensure that your search terms are optimally set up for each language and take care of the entire licence management.

If you wish, you can also benefit from our translation feature directly in NewsRadar®.

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