FirstSignals® Predictive Analytics

Leveraging trends before others do

How about positioning yourself ahead of everyone else – especially your competitors – on hot topics relevant to your industry? The innovative FirstSignals® research method allows you to identify emerging future trends before they become big, in the midst of millions of media buzzes. So you can experience the birth of tomorrow's topics today.

Latest FirstSignals® study: Generation questions everything
Strategische Content-Planung mit FirstSignals®
Strategic Content Planning
The continuous classification and evaluation of new trends for your company serves as the basis for strategic, focused and target group-oriented topic planning.
Agenda-Tuning mit FirstSignals®
Agenda Tuning
Fine-tuning, repositioning, focusing – draw strategic conclusions for your topic agenda from predictive analytics and place your own communication more effectively.
Sichtbarkeit & Reputation mit FirstSignals®
Visibility & Reputation
Set the right topics at the right time and increase your media visibility. New trending topics get a lot of attention quickly – make sure that this interest is yours.
Themenführerschaft mit FirstSignals®
Topic Leadership
Address future trends before anyone else. The earlier you communicate relevant information, the more your message will be heard. In this way, you can become the opinion leader in a topic area.
Überprüfung mit FirstSignals®
Track the impact of your corporate communications and derive strategic consequences for your marketing from new trends and industry-relevant future topics.

Fit for the future

We make future topics accessible to you - in commissioned studies individually tailored to your needs, in workshop format or as a speaker at your event. Feel free to contact us!

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How trends emerge

The emergence of new narratives in the form of buzzwords does not yet mean that they will also mature into major media trends. Moreover, the predictive analytics method FirstSignals® does not focus on the novelty value, but on the relevance potential of a topic. This can be determined through focused media research and the evaluation of content- and opinion-rich articles from top global media. Future topics only become future trends when their media echo has reached a certain size. The quantity of articles is just as important as their quality.

How FirstSignals® works

Step 1

Through focused media research, our analysts identify new buzzwords from a wide range of industries, including business, politics and technology, on a daily basis. This is based on a media panel of 50 German- and English-language leading media as well as a panel of top online media.

Step 2

Specialized crawlers are fed with the found buzzwords and determine the degree and speed of dissemination of the term. In this way, the development of a topic can be continuously monitored.

Step 3

Our experts analyze the trend developments and place them in the right context in terms of content. The trend-related effects for your company or industry are then determined and evaluated.

Studies for your communication work

Well-founded outlooks into the future of your industry

In our industry-oriented commissioned studies, we identify emerging buzzwords from your company's topic areas and rank them in terms of their relevance and trend potential. In addition, we observe how your found future topic gradually grows and whether it develops into a future trend that is present in the media.

FirstSignals®-Studie: Generation Question Everything
Generation Question Everything
The guide to understanding and harnessing the power of Gen Z. With human unlimited and Zukunftsinstitut Workshop.
The exclusive study on megatrends in the mobility industry identifies the most promising future topics in the field of mobility.
Sample Reports
Trend and topic analysis
The reports show a forward-looking description and analysis of the development of new trends using two different example companies.

Speaker for your event

Which trends will shape your future

Our speaker Oliver Heyden, Chief Strategy Officer, will show you the current emerging topics of the future. With the help of our trend analysis method FirstSignals®, we continuously identify and evaluate emerging narratives of different industries. Get inspired and find out which topics will be particularly relevant for you in the future.

Speaker Oliver Heyden


What is the potential of generative AIs?

In his presentation at Communication Day 2023, our speaker Oliver Heyden talks about the development of the megatrend Generative AI and gives an assessment of its future impact. These insights were gained using our predictive analytics method FirstSignals®.

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"In our joint workshops, we use FirstSignals® to identify those future topics that go beyond the narrow echo chamber of experts and become trends, powerful narratives, or new technical, economic, or social paradigms.
We analyze their possible trend triggers and development potentials and discuss the question of what scope they could develop for which stakeholders."

Oliver Heyden, Chief Strategy Officer, pressrelations


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FirstSignals® Workshop | pressrelations


Shaping the future together in day-intensive workshops

Branchentrends der Zukunft. In cooperation with Zukunftsinstitut Workshop, we offer personalized workshop sessions. Benefit from predictive analytics and the FirstSignals® method and discover the industry trends of the future with us.

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Use Case

Emerging topics as the basis for your content marketing

FirstSignals® starts where it all begins: with content planning. Which current events should be taken up, which topics should be covered? The predictive analytics method FirstSignals® recognizes trend topics as soon as they leave the circle of hyper-experts and enter the media echo chamber for the first time. This brief moment is your opportunity: pick up the topic communicatively and increase its topicality. Quality and relevance of your content.

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