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FirstSignals® for Thought Leadership

Since 2021, pressrelations has been providing Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group with future topics and new trend terms in the form of regular editorial bulletins. Handelsblatt Solutions uses this information for the strategic content development of its clients, including some of Germany's largest companies. The aim is always to position customers as early as possible as pioneers in future topics.


FirstSignals® enables Handelsblatt Solutions:

Reputation Management mit FirstSignals®
Reputation Management
FirstSignals® outlines future topics and warns of potential risk issues. This enables Handelsblatt Solutions to enhance and protect its reputation. Information about new business trends and innovative technologies make the company's communication highly topical and future-proof.
Agenda Tuning mit FirstSignals®
Agenda Tuning
With the help of FirstSignals® topic consulting, Handelsblatt Solutions improves its agenda setting – through early positioning in future crucial topic areas and exciting stories for its most important stakeholders.
Thought Leadership mit FirstSignals®
Thought Leadership
The continuous negotiation of new topics for the future enables Handelsblatt Solutions to create innovative communications and thus gain a significant lead in topic positioning up to topic leadership.

The goal

Helping customers position themselves effectively in the market

Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group develops effective communication solutions for companies, organizations and associations. Customers include DAX-listed corporations as well as owner-managed companies. The aim is to position themselves in the market with innovative products that go beyond conventional communications services.

This includes identifying new trend and future topics as early as possible in order to support customers with strategic content planning, custom-fit positioning in relevant topic areas and with powerful editorial storytelling. To do this, Solutions uses data, analyses and classifications on new topics, which FirstSignals® provides in the form of meaningful data charts and high-quality editorial content.

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Customized trend topics for your industry

Don't let the potential of future topics go unused. With the help of the FirstSignals® predictive analytics method, you can pick up on emerging trends in a communicative way before they become really big. Together, we develop an industry-focused study tailored to your needs.

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Thanks to the FirstSignals® topic and trend early recognition system, we can provide our customers with much more focused advice and support in the area of strategic content planning. This is because truly future-proof and thus more effective content can be developed on the basis of the long-term relevant trend topics derived from FirstSignals® research.

Jan Kleibrink, Head of Business Development, Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group

The Solution

Premium Insights: The Tomorrow! bulletin on new topics and trends

The quarterly trend bulletin with a magazine look and feel is individually tailored to the sector of the respective Solutions customer, e.g. Finance, Automotive, Healthcare or Energy. The latest and most exciting future topics are outlined, explained and classified on around 8-10 pages in the form of content-rich editorial articles. The articles are supplemented by source links to top German and English-language media as well as the Social Media Buzz of the topics presented in comparison with similar established topics.

Solutions customers successfully use the bulletin for lead generation, as a supplement or quarry for their own editorial content, and as a basis for strategic decisions – even beyond communications issues.

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The Result

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An editorial and five focus articles …

  • on current future topics with real gamechanger potential
  • with content that draws only from top sources and quotes top-class experts.
  • including numerous direct links to the original reports and social media buzz on the respective topic area.

30 minutes reading time for your future!

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