Monitoring Your Online Reputation with NewsRadar

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Our NewsRadar gives you the tools you need to closely monitor your online reputation and your target audience. Who is talking about your brand? What topics are being discussed today? How engaged is your target group? Drawing the right conclusions from the tons of information and key figures of the NewsRadar is essential for your success. That’s why we have prepared a quick guide that summarizes the meaning of the most important NewsRadar metrics for you. Monitoring your online reputation helps you effectively manage your brand messaging and avoid crises.


A mention is when the name of your company or product appears published on a certain media channel. The more often you are mentioned, the more people become aware of your brand. Also, the more positive these mentions are, the better your online reputation and customer acquisition. With the help of NewsRadar, you can find out where, how often, and in what context your company is talked about, how many people do the conversations reach, and the overall tone of the discussions.


“Buzz” is the term we use to describe the total amount of mentions from all media channels (not to be confused with buzzwords, which are intended to generate a particularly high level of attention). Buzz can also instantly provide you with information on how many mentions of your company are available on a particular channel. This important metric is displayed above each column in the NewsRadar.


Reach can be found in the lower-left corner of each article in NewsRadar and represents how many people have seen the article or which influencers and media reach the most people. It shows you which articles are most widely distributed and best received. Reach is also displayed above each column for the total amount of articles from a source. The mentions available there can be sorted according to their respective reach, starting with the highest value.


This metric shows how many people have interacted with a post. If there are many interactions, this is a sign that the content of the post is well received or attracts a lot of attention. The more actions (likes, comments, etc.) a post gets, the more active the community is and the more attention your brand receives. You will find the number of engagements in NewsRadar right next to reach, in the lower part of a post. In addition, the displayed posts can be sorted by engagement, starting with the highest value. Overall engagement rate (the quotient of user interactions and the reach of your company’s own channel) is displayed in the “Statistics” section.


Share of Voice provides information about the percentage of mentions of your company, brand, or product compared to the coverage of industry competitors. This information serves as a benchmark for your online reputation and brand presence and also provides insight into your positioning within the conversation in your industry. Relevant influencers and media can be immediately identified in NewsRadar and you can sort them according to their potential reach based on the data stored in the system. By doing this, you can see which articles are relevant to your industry.


Here you can see the distribution of buzz on the different media channels. In NewsRadar, buzz and reach show you on which channel your topic is most present. You should keep an eye on this channel, as your company is often talked about there. The different channels (online and social media) are displayed in separate columns next to each other and can be navigated using the right and left arrows. You also have the option of filtering for specific channels and excluding irrelevant sources.


Sentiment shows the tone of the contributions related to your company. Positive and negative points are awarded on the basis of keyword dictionaries – for example, a word with negative connotations gives a negative point and vice versa. Thus a mention finally gets a rating between -1 (very negative) and +1 (very positive). NewsRadar provides you with both real-time insights into the current mood of the reporting as well as a detailed analysis of comprehensive data sets.

With the help of these metrics, you are now in a position to accurately assess the performance of your brand, company, or product and to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. With NewsRadar, you always keep track of current topics and are well prepared – even in times of crisis.

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