Early topic recognition,
Strategic Trend analysis
through FirstSignals®

Take advantage of future trends before others do.

Companies today have to prove one thing above all else: Innovative strength, adaptability and sustainability. This also includes the early detection of discontinuities or disruptions in the market environment. FirstSignals® finds strategically important topics for you before they become comprehensive trends.

FirstSignals® enables you:

  • Strategic topic planning through continuous evaluation and classification of new trends for your company
  • Increase your media visibility and reputation by setting the right topics at the right time
  • Topic leadership through early and well-founded positioning on new debates and future trends
  • CEO positioning as thought leader on important future issues
  • Effective and differentiated content planning and setting up of a target group-oriented topic agenda
  • Fine tuning or repositioning and focusing of the agenda setting in the currently decisive topic areas in order to place one's own communication more effectively
  • Control of opinion-forming processes by means of precisely fitting own terms, aspects, contents and messages in currently highly relevant subject areas
  • Review of your corporate communications and derivation of strategic consequences ahead of your competitors

How does FirstSignals® work?

In order to identify new buzzwords, we daily evaluate editorial articles, interviews and contributions from important experts and opinion leaders as well as investigative reports from a leading media panel for Europe, the USA and Asia.

In a second step, online crawlers and automated entity recognition systems determine the degree and speed of dissemination of a buzzword on the net and identify further new, but content-related terms. In this way, the development of a new topic can be tracked continuously and for a longer period of time.

After all, the analysis and classification of trends calls for human expertise again. Our experienced analysts explain the most important and exciting buzzwords or topics, define emerging trends, contextualize them, outline their impact on your company or industry and evaluate their relevance.

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