Communication, Networks and Ecosystems in the Media Intelligence Era | Webinar in English

With Romina Gersuni and Katerina Kechagia (FIBEPmibe)

In recent years, the world media intelligence association FIBEP launched the media intelligence business ecosystem (MIBE), a comprehensive map tool focusing on the industry pillars, copyright and regulation, Content, Technology and Research. A map tool amid, strategic planning and decision making, through the interaction among the contributors of the ecosystem – distributed in three levels: global, regional and local.

In our webinar, we will show how FIBEP’s MIBE set of guiding principles can help you to plan and communicate across the different levels of the ecosystem. How to keep track on the different contributors to measure and evaluate opportunities and threats, and how to avoid the “paralysis” about not knowing what to do about it. Figuring out where you are on the ecosystem is fundamental to building effective strategic communication. Whether you are a PR & Marketing professional, a tech provider, part of a university, a communicator or a licensing body, this webinar is for you!

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