AMEC’s initiatives and frameworks for PR professionals | Webinar in English

With Romina Gersuni und Johna Burke (AMEC)

For 25 years, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has been leading the debate about why communication professionals need to prioritize evaluation and how to go about demonstrating the value of communication. During this time, AMEC pioneered notable free resources, including the Barcelona Principles, AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) and Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3). And it's clear, this work was just the beginning, and the next 25 years will include more global learning and progress based on the AMEC Media Measurement and Evaluation Foundation Course launch in 2021. 

In our webinar, Johna will show how the Barcelona Principles, and AMEC free-to-use tools, like the Integrated Evaluation Framework, can help you understand how the campaign you've poured your heart into delivered value to your organization. Figuring out where your organization is on the measurement journey is fundamental to building effective strategic communication. However, this first step is difficult for some, and Johna will make it easier for those who want to invest in their success.