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About us

At pressrelations, 250 employees work daily to make your PR and marketing work easier. Our teams are as diverse as our clients and many have been on board for many years: developers, news managers, analysts, key account managers, sales staff, product owners as well as media, business development and marketing staff ensure that our business runs smoothly. Behind the scenes, employees from IT, HR, accounting, coaching and reception take care of the internal processes of our company, while management and senior management remain firmly in charge.

Our teams


Teamwork is very important to us. We work according to agile structures that have been revolutionizing the working world for several years now. We organize ourselves in teams that structure their daily work independently and together and make their own decisions. This means more responsibility for the individual, but also more creative freedom and plenty of room for personal development. Open, cross-team exchange formats and retrospectives within the teams make for constructive exchange, while agile tools such as Scrum and Kanban remain an integral part of our project development work-flow.


Not only do we value our clients, but also our employees, because in the end they are the ones who drive us forward. This is another reason why we want to offer them a secure and sustainable workplace as well as a pleasant working environment in which respectful cooperation is a matter of course. And it pays off: at our oldest location in Düsseldorf, numerous employees have been with us since the company was founded, and at other locations, too, many employees have remained loyal to pressrelations throughout the years.


As a globally active company, we have to adapt to a wide variety of requirements, client wishes and cultural backgrounds.  That's how we grow every day. For us, diversity is not just an empty phrase, but a living reality. We treat all our employees equally regardless of gender, nationality, origin or religion. We firmly believe that different ways of thinking, perspectives and backgrounds are the keys to creativity, innovation and success.

» I work at pressrelations because here I can work with people who have understood that software development is a joint effort that is challenging and requires a creative approach. «
Peter Bücker, Software Developer

We are looking for reinforcements

Specialist, career changer, generalist? You are what we need! We are always looking for creative minds to strengthen our agile teams in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

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